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Media in Education

media education

Media in Education: Results from the 2011 ICEM and SIIE Joint Conference (2013).
With the aim of discussing old and new teaching technologies, based on research and on the strategies and praxis of the use of technologies and methodologies in the different teaching levels, and also embracing the contribution and active participation of researchers, teachers, creators, managers and other specialists, the work will provide inputs on the following topics:

  • Students’ perspectives on media in the classroom
  • Students and media (as content and as tools for learning)
  • Educational Media Design
  • Institutional Impact of the integration of Educational Media
  • Old v. New Media: what really matters?
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Personal and/or social learning environments/networks
  • Media and inclusion
  • Media and informal learning
  • Immersive learning environments
  • Virtual mobility in Education
  • Mobile learning
  • Media and literacies

In the chapter 3 you can read my own contribution:

COSTA, Fernando (2013). Designing Educational Multimedia Resources. In A. Moreira et al (Eds.). Media in Education: Results from the 2011 ICEM and SIIE Joint Conference. New York: Springer Science+Business Media. 29-40.