MOOC Técnico, balanço

Tempo de partilha e balanço por parte dos professores do Técnico que desenharam e concretizaram os primeiros cursos em formato MOOC. Algo que ajudei a pensar, no contexto do MOOCLab, em 2015, na sua vertente pedagógica e da estrutura curricular. Visitar o site do MOOC Técnico.

Em abril, em Lisboa

Curricular guidelines for designing, planning and producing MOOC
Fernando Albuquerque Costa
Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon

Abstract: Since its appearance around ten years ago, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are generating a considerable interest from universities and other higher education institutions all over the world. Therefore, a deep reflection on the process of design and production of a MOOC became fundamental, both from an efficient pedagogical point of view of the contents, and from cost-effective production techniques. In this context, we began to work on guidelines based on a recollection of good practices for designing, planning and producing MOOC that could integrate Portuguese higher education curricula in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) area. In this talk we will be focused on the design of the pedagogical structure, e.g. presenting the systematization of the guiding principles for making efficient well designed courses for this kind of online learning.

14th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL), 23-24 May 2017, Lisbon